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Pain vs It doesn’t “feel good”…Do you know the difference?


Do you know the difference between pain(stop🛑/turn away) and what simply doesn’t “feel” good?

For yourself, not in general.

I’m referring to both physically and soulfully (mind, will, emotions, intellect, imagination,etc.). For me:

1. Self Reflection: it would be difficult for me to decipher the difference without being able to look and understand myself first. My thoughts of myself have to be rooted in truth. Which leads to the next thing....

2. Have tough conversations with myself: I ask myself “tough” questions all the time. This was(past tense) tricky before because it would put me in a dark place. It eventually led to excessive negative talk vs. constructive criticism. But using #1 (being rooted in truth) it allows me to see it as a positive thing.

3. Slow down: moving through the situation slower and more attentively help me see and feel things that I miss when I move too fast.

4. Keep folks around me that don’t bite their tongue....True Friends. They don’t hold their tongue to uplift you and humble you. Again they help me stay rooted in truth.

These are a few things that I have come to realize that help me distinguish between the two. do you distinguish between pain and what simply doesn’t feel good?

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