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Lack & Fear: Beasy724 Wellness Community Event

Lack: to suffer from the absence or defiency of

Fear: an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger

Almost a year ago about this time, this event wasn’t even in our future. So often as a man, we are defined by are we a PROVIDER, PROTECTOR, and PROCREATOR in our home. Allowing how traditions and ideas define what those 3 P’s mean in our home, left the door wide open for fear and the idea of lack when it came to walking in purpose versus doing what I can see and feel.....which is not faith.

During a year of not working a corporate job, nor training anyone, God and I went on a LONG walk. He brought people into my life to help me better understand those 3 P’s both in general and as it applies specifically to me. Having a strong, intuitive woman in my life that understands when God is transforming you was and is critical to me....MESSAGE!

Now fast forward to the Beasy724 Wellness Community Event! If you were there, you understand just how dynamic the environment was. A community of people challenging themselves, encouraging one another, and sharing their God given gifts. Simply put.... a community of love.

Regardless of how others define those 3 P’s, God wanted me to understand what those charges meant for me.


He wanted me to understand that I’m suppose to provide whatever my community needs from me as it pertains to my gift, which is motivating and influencing others in the areas of health and wellness, because my gift is for me as well as others. Also, since our community is first our home and then anywhere we are, we are charged with providing our community a safe place to move and connect with people who can help them.


Then he wants me to protect my community by showing them just how special they really

are spiritually, soulfully, and physically. Our whole self is already built to protect us.....I mean look who created us. He built us with solutions to our problems. We just need to learn to listen and get out of the way. Also, in order for us to maximize the protection, we have to understand that we need each other, while striving to be the best version of ourselves.


And last, procreate in my community or reproduce myself. When God has given you a vision, those in your community have access to that as well. My responsibility is to plant as many seeds as possible and help my community cultivate those seeds.

So as you look through the photos of Beasy724 Wellness Community Event, be reminded of how the environment embodied providing, protecting, and procreating. It definitely wasn’t an environment of lack and fear, but one of ABUNDANCE & LOVE.

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